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Érdeklődnék,hogy ismeri-e közületek valaki ezt oldalt, illetve az Elitnek hirdetett indikátorok
tényleg érnek-e annyit , vagy valaki előfizetett e már az oldalra?

Andi ... ction.html

A - B - C - D - E :

- !LinRegrBuf EA,
- 00ZZ Trader : we enter on 00 levels (for example 1.3700) breakout on tf 60, filtered with two simple zigzag different tf, exit on basket trail.
- 1 Min ALF Scalping EA : signal based on alf, osma, macd, moving averages, timeframe one minutes and five minutes.
- 1-2-3 Pattern EA : expert advisor based on the bps 1-2-3 pattern indicator and its peak level.
- 1-2-3 ZZ Breakout EA,
- 123PatternsV6 EA : signals based on 123patternsv6 indicator, we enter on the third color dot.
- 2 Percent Daily EA : we enter orders when the price is breaking support and resistance levels.
- 2 Stochastic Scalper : a simple expert advisor based on stochastics with a signal and a filter.
- 2Bar Reverse EA D1 version : a first ea based on the 2 bars pattern for a reversal trend.
- 2Bar Reverse EA H4 version : a second ea based on the 2 bars pattern for a reversal trend.
- 3 Ducks EA : another ea based on the famous 3 ducks trading system, filtered with bbsqweeze.
- 3 Ducks System EA,
- 3 SMA HILO System EA : signal based on 5 sma typical direction and 3 sma high low break.
- 3Signal Line EA,
- 4H 10P EA : pending orders on current high/low, before the close of the bar, exit on low/high, limited martingale.
- 4xPuller Expert : entry based on wma, with ao, ac, stoch, laguerre and macd filter.
- 5 Minutes EA,
- 5 Reversal EA : we follow the long and short signals given by the 5reversals indicator.
- 100 Daily Pips EA : we place 3 buystop and 3 sellstop over and under the high and low of the previous daily bar.
- Agent_Fx_v07_XZ_d_ss_Martin Modified,
- AdaptiveRenko EA : we enter long on green signals, short on red signals, generated by the AdaptativeRenko indicator.
- AOchartbars EA,
- AEL Trader,
- Advanced PA,
- ADX Cross EA : we follow the signals generated by the adx crossing v2 indicator, martingale and time filter available.
- ADX MA EA : signal based on ema price cross, filtered with ema and sma direction and adx position.
- ADX Range EA : entry based on adx, with different range filters and price filters.
- ADX Smoothed EA
- AL-Bit EA : we have two average based on high and low, we go long/short when the new bar has opened over/under these levels.
- AllAverages with Band EA : entry on yellow line, exit on gray upper line for longs, gray lower line for shorts.
- Alembert EA : we open two pending orders over/under previous daily close; we use D'Alembert's martingale to manage the money.
- Alpha EA : entry based on alpha indicator, with time filter, atr stoploss and takeprofit.
- Alternative_Ichimoku EA : expert based on the alternative ichimoku, we enter when the price is crossing the kumo.
- Always In Market EA : we open one buy order and one sell order, with tp 10 pips and no sl, we reenter the order when the tp is reached.
- Anti-martingale MM EA : we add positions on ma trend, with lot plus 0.1 if previous closed profits are positive, minus 0.1 if negative.
- AO MA Scalper : we enter when the price is over/under ma1, the ma1 over/under ma2, and when we have x consecutive up/down ao values.
- Appaloosa MA Trader : we enter on w-rvim appaloosa cross, filtered with a moving average direction.
- Appaloosa System EA : correlation trading system based on 6 pairs and the w-rvim appaloosa indicator.
- Aroon EA : we go long when aroon goes over levelup, short when it goes under leveldn.
- Arrow_RSI-8_Cross-55 45 EA,
- ATR Based EA,
- ATR Based Tradehelper,
- ATR Range EA : a breakout system with a band formed by the ATR Range indicator, high/low on the last x candles + atrvalue*atrfactor.
- ATR Stops MTF EA,
- ATR Trade Time EA : we go long/short when the difference between the x and y th previous bar close is >= 1/-1 * z percent of daily atr.
- Avoitenko : We go long/short when the price is x pips under/over donchian upper/lower level; we use pending orders.
- BarPoints EA : we go long/short on the blue/red signals generated by the barpoints indicator.
- BB Pro EA : We go long/short when the low/high is under/over lower/upper band, the close of the next bar is over/under the high/low.
- BB Scalper,
- BB MACD CCT Trend Magic EA : signal based on bb macd dot color and trend magic line color.
- BB MACD EA : entry based on the bb_macd indicator dot color change,
- BB_Percent_EA Modified : bb percent signal, rsi and ma filter with mm and time filter.
- Bband + Macd + MA EA : bbands signal filtered with macd and ma levels, applied to high and low; martingale available.
- BBands RSI EA : we have 5 different bollinger bands for the signals and the rsi as a filter.
- BBands_Stops EA,
- Belkhayate EA v2,
- Best Expert M1 EA : we enter when the price goes x% of the average of the last x candles size over/under open price.
- BidAsk EA : entry based on bidask indicator's signals that uses location of price comparing to previous high and low.
- BlueStrader EA,
- Bollinger Bands EA : we go long/short on bollinger band lower/upper cross from under/over to over/under.
- BrainTrend2Sig EA,
- Breakout BSL EA v2,
- Breakout Last X Candles EA,
- Breakout System EA,
- Broken Channel EA,
- Buy Sell Follower EA : we buy/sell at the same time on initialization, then we reenter/close on heiken ashi smoothed signals filtered with ma.
- Buy_Sell Signals EA,
- Buyers Sellers EA : expert advisor based on 4bars-mtf-bbh, bullbearhelper and adaptativelaguerre filter.
- BuySale Arrows EA : we enter long/short order on buysale arrows indicator arrows, blue for long, red for sale.
- Camarilla EA : we enter pending orders based on the h3/h4 l3/l4 camarilla levels.
- Candle Close EA : we close the orders manually entered when we open an opposite order or after x candles.
- Candle Counter EA : we enter long/short after x consecutive bull/bear candle, changedirection enabled.
- Candle Counter MA EA : we go long/short after x short/long candles from the last price ma cross; we have one ma for entry, and another for exit.
- Candle High and Low EA : pending entry at certain hour, x pips over under the previous high/low, deleted after certain minute, cancelled if the other is triggered.
- Candle Price Swing EA : we buy/sell if we have a bearish/bullish candle followed by a bullish/bearish candle with a min length of x pips.
- Candle Stats EA : entry based on statistics, 0=number of bull/bear candles, 1=number of pips, 2=biggest bull/bear candle location, 3=value of the biggest bull/bear.
- Candlestick EA : trades based on harami, cross, engulf, pierce, morningstar, hammer, darkcloud, eveningstar, and shooter.
- Carmen EA,
- CCI MA Scalper : Entry based on ma direction with three different ma, filtered with cci.
- CCI Stoch Signal EA,
- CCI Trader : an expert advisor based on signals generated by cci and its different levels.
- CCY EURUSD EA : we open a grids of buy and sell stop pending orders and we close them when we reach a certain profit.
- CHO_4CZ Divergence EA : entry on divergences between the Chaikin oscillator and the price.
- Center of Gravity Scalper,
- Channel ZZ EA : we follow the signals generated by the channel zz_v2_en indicator.
- Cluster EA : expert advisor based on the famous cluster trading system.
- COG Scalper : entry based on center of gravity lines breakout, filtered with macd.
- ComFracti Modified,
- ComFracti_v2 Modified,
- Coppock EA : ea based on the coppock oscillator with up and down level breakout.
- Correlation Martingale EA : correlation martingale system based on eurusd and usdchf.
- Correlation Strategy EA,
- Correlation Trading EA,
- Cumulative MA EA : we enter long/short over under a MA, then we add orders on each new bar, we close them when we reach our target.
- Cumulative MA Hedge EA : we buy/sell on two pairs, depending on the first pair signal, we close when the global profit is bigger than x dollars.
- Cyber Cycle EA : entry if the cyber cycle is equal to -1/1 on the last x bars.
- Cycle EA,
- Daily Breakout : we enter a pending orders at the high/low of the previous daily bar at 0:00 depending on the last parabolic sar signal.
- Daily High and Low EA : we enter on daily high and low with several pending orders and different takeprofits.
- Daily High Low Time EA : we enter when the price goes up or down comparing to current daily open +/- x percent of previous daily range.
- Daily Incremental Lots EA : we open 2 pending orders at different hours of the day, with doubling lots size.
- Daily MA Scalper : we scalp when the current bar is breaking a moving average set on daily tf.
- Daily Pivot Points EA : we enter pending orders on daily pivots, we reenter if possible and we close the orders at the end of the day.
- Daily OHLC EA,
- Daily RSI+MA EA,
- Daily Trend EA,
- Damiani Volatmeter EA,
- DeltaStop EA : we have long and short signals based on two delta-stop indicators crosses.
- Destiny_Volatility EA,
- DS_Stochastic EA : we go long/short when the ds stoch and the ema are changing their direction to down/up over/under level2/level1.
- DMI Trader,
- Doda-Donchian Fix EA : entry based on doda donchian upper and lower channel, exit on middle channel.
- Doda-EMA EA : we go long/short when ema1>ema2, ema1>ema3 and ema2>ema3. We have different parameters for the exit.
- Dolly Graphics EA,
- Donchian Cross EA,
- Donchian MA Scalper,
- Donchian MA Trader,
- Donchian-RSI-MA Cross EA : signals based on donchian, rsi, ma cross, with fibonacci progression martingale and partial close.
- Double CCI EA : we enter on the signals generated by the cci and it respective levels, filtered by a second cci.
- Double EMA EA,
- DT-ZigZag-Lauer EA v2,
- DTosc Arrow EA : entry based on dtosc indicator arrows and filtered with stepma indicator.
- Dynamic MA EA : simple moving average indicator as signal with a dynamic period based on atr.
- e-StochFree Modified : signal based on stochastics and its respective levels, filtered by macd over under 0.
- EA 5_34_5 : we enter on the cross of the 5_34_5 indicator's two lines.
- EA Simple 4X : entry based on snagger trend, filter and exit on mtf ao indicator.
- ELabunskyVolaPresser EA : expert based on the elabunskyvolapresser indicator's signals.
- Elliot Wave Oscillator EA : we enter on elliott_wave_oscillator-signal indicator crosses.
- EMA Break EA : exponential moving average breakout, distance pips above/below ma.
- EMA Cross EA : we enter on short and long ema cross signal, with ma shift option for both ema.
- EMA Cross Simple EA : we enter when ema1 is over three other ma, filtered with max mtf macd, exit on ao.
- EMA High & Low EA : exponential moving average high and low price breakout filtered with macd.
- EMA Exponential Cross 100 MA EA : expert based on ema applied to high close and low, sma and rsi.
- EMA Price Channel EA,
- EMA Scalper Unlimited EA,
- EMA-SMA PA EA : entry based on ma cross, filtered with heiken ashi and tsi divergence, exit on auto trail.
- Envelopes EA : long/short if the pips over/under the upper/lower envelopes is bigger than the pips under/over the lower/upper envelopes.
- Escape Modified EA,
- Euro Miner EA,

F - G - H - I - J :

- Fibo Swing Trader : we draw fibo levels on the highest/lowest bar between fibohour1 and fibohour2, we enter long/short on breakout of level1/2/3/4.
- FiboBars EA : we enter orders depending on the fibobars indicator's signals.
- Fibobars Like EA : we enter when price is under/over lowest/highest +/- fibo 0.38.
- FIFTY EA : entry based on rsi and zero level cross, filtered with envelopes upper and lower level.
- Fine Fractals EA : we enter on fine fractals signals, filtered with alf ultimate filter and we exit on slope direction line modified color.
- Firebird v63g ecn,
- First Strike Strategy EA : we open a buy stop and a sell stop 50 pips over under the first price on monday, we close the orders on friday.
- FixedFish EA,
- Flat and Non Flat Bars EA Modifed : we enter if the first/second body bar height is under/over or equal to flatpips/nonflatpips pips.
- Float EA : expert based on the float indicator with cross between high and low.
- Float Trader,
- Float+BBMacd Combo EA : we follow the signals generated by the bbmacd and filtered by the float indicator.
- Floor Trader EA : we enter on the price retracement and depending on the slope of two moving averages.
- Force MACD EA,
- Forex Asian Time System EA : we go long/short at specified time if momentum and cci conditions are met.
- Forex Bible EA,
- Forex freedom Bar EA : we enter when all mt forex freedom bar v2 indicator bars colors are blue or red.
- Four Hour Buzz EA : we enter buy and sell pending orders on each bar, we close one side when the other is triggered.
- Fractal Channel EA : we enter when price goes outside the fractal channel and we close the orders when it goes inside.
- Fractal Level EA : entry based on fractal level red and blue line cross.
- Fractals and ADX EA,
- Fractals EA : expert based on new fractals and fractals breakout for renko charts.
- Fractals Scalper,
- Frank_ud Modified,
- FT_CCI (+MA) Modified,
- FT_Scalp Parabolic MMR,
- FT Scalping EA : scalping strategy based on two block of moving averages and an ema.
- FTC System EA,
- FTLM-STLM EA : we buy/sell when the ftlm-stlm histogram and point become red/green, filtered by a higher timeframe.
- FX Disparity EA : we buy gbpusd and sell eurusd when the gbpusd overlaychart is lower than eurusd and the gap is higher than x pips.
- FX Manager be.,
- FX Revolution EA : ea based on fxrevolution indicator that uses bollinger bands.
- FX5 MACD Divergence EA : based on the famous FX5_MACD_Divergence indicator.
- FXUltraTrend EA,
- FXS EA : entry done one ema crossover, stoploss updated after each bar on previous low/high.
- Gann EA,
- Gann Hi Lo Price Cross EA : we go long/short when price crosses up gann and we exit on opposite heiken ashi ma.
- Gann MTF Trade Manager : manual orders are closed when the bar closes over/under the gann mtf indicator.
- Gap Trading EA : we enter a pending order after a gap.
- Gartley EA Fast Entry : based on gartley whith entry on the current bar, sl fixed on high/low of the red box, tp fixed on 23.6 fibo level.
- Gartley EA v2,
- GG-RiverFlow EA,
- GG-RSI-CCI EA : we follow the green and red signals generated by the gg-rsi-cci indicator.
- GG-RSI-CCI Sentiment EA,
- Gold-Dust EA Modified : we enter on a perceptron signal based on moving average.
- Gold Light EA,
- Gold Silver EA,
- Gold Silver Hedger : we buy gold lots 0.1 and sell silver lots 0.1, we close the two orders when the target 20 is reached.
- Green Pips EA : signals based on stochastics, heiken ashi, gp macd, gp major trend and booster mp2009.
- Grid Builder EA : we enter buy and sell orders when the price reaches one of the grid builder indicator's levels.
- Grid Hedge EA : we buy and open pending orders stop, limit long and short depending on price movements.
- GU TradingSystem EA : we follow the signals generated by the gann indicator, an sma, the trix, and the stochastics.
- Guppy EA,
- HA Smoothed MTF EA : entry after x consecutive red/blue heiken ashi smoothed bars.
- Hama Lines EA : entry based on hama line ma5 and hama step histor, filtered with bps support resistance indicator.
- Hama MA Cross EA : we enter on ma crossover signals, filtered with heiken ashi ma.
- Heatmap_RSI EA,
- Hama Stoch EA : we enter on ha count over/under ma, or on stochastic oversold/overbought cross.
- Hedge 3 pairs Modified : we buy/sell uch/eu and sell/buy ech if the diviation (eubid-echask/uchbid)*10000 is higher than mindev*1/-1.
- Heiken Ashi and Line EA : hedge orders, buy and sell at the same time, profit closed on heiken ashi color change.
- Heiken Ashi EA v3,
- Heiken Ashi Hammers EA : hammer signals filtered with heiken ashi color change and a maximum distance between the signal and the filter.
- Heiken Ashi Ichimoku Kinko Hyo EA : expert based on ichimoku cloud, tenkansen, kijunsen and heiken ahsi real cross.
- Heiken Ashi MTF EA,
- Heiken Ashi Ma EA : we follow the heiken ashi ma indicator signals, there is a filter and a martingale that can be enabled.
- Heiken Ashi Standard EA : we follow the trend after 3 heiken ashi bars in the same direction and two candles in the opposite.
- HeikenAshiZoneTrade EA,
- HG Scalper EA,
- Hifi Arrows EA : entry based on the hifi arrows indicator, with different kind of signals.
- Hidden TP and SL Manager : EA to manage manual trades and hidden stoploss and takeprofit.
- High Low Candle EA,
- High Low v2 EA v2 : entry based on high low v2 indicator, a non lag zigzag.
- High Low Strategy EA : we open long and short pending order over/under the previous high/low, x pips above/under.
- High-Low Range EA,
- High-Low Range EA bis : entry based on high-low range indicator, filtered with sdl-mam slope.
- HL Fibo Trader : we go long/short on certain fibo ratio of the last x cancles trading range.
- HMA EA : entry on hull moving average color change, red/lime to lime/red.
- HMA Power Modified,
- Hodrick Prescott EA,
- Horizontal Line EA : we draw manual horizontal line, bx for long, by for sell, we enter when price is crossing up/down the horizontal line.
- Horizontal Line Manager : this EA set the stoploss on the horizontal line, manually drawn by the trader.
- Hourly Candle EA,
- Ichi-Dem-AC-AO EA : Ichimoku signals filtered with demarker, ac, ao, timefilter, exit based on kumo.
- Ichimoku EA,
- Ichimoku Scalper,
- IINWMARROWS EA : iinwmarrows signals, filtered with relative strength, rvi and stochatics.
- Instant Trendline Filter EA,
- Ilan16_PipStepRSI Modified,
- iLRegressionBands EA,
- iMAX EA : entry based on imax cross, possibility to filter with a second imax on a different timeframe.
- In & Out EA : entry based on vkw bands ibs, atr sl and tp, riskbookst and martingale with reverse on loss.
- InsideBar EA : pending orders on inside bar, three different way to manage the orders.
- Intraday MA EA : we enter long/short limit when fast ma goes over/under slower ma1 and slower ma2.
- iScalper : entry when the price movement is more than x pips within y seconds, close after z seconds.
- iTrendLinesBreak EA : we suppose that a retracement will appear on a trend lines break.
- JP Breakout EA : another breakout system with an average true range filter.
- JS-Chaos Modified : modified version of js-chaos that involves moving averages, fractals, pivot, ao, ac, and standard deviation.
- Jumping Stops EA : management of manual trades, with averaged orders, partial close, different breakevens.
- JurikFilter EA : entry based on jurikfilter_v2 indicator color change, filtered with this same indicator with different parameters.

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